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To Create

by Richard Garvey

when we first met i was smoking popeye cigarettes you were dancing so holy in the rain never gave too much thought to love, marriage, babies and what not but here we go grade school seems so long ago we’ll raise up young children and off to class they’ll go I could have told you so when we first met you were wearing that purple polka dot dress and I was giving you the eye never gave too much thought about back seats romance making out but here we go high school seems so long ago our teenagers may take the bus but they’ll cut them classes you know i could have told you so when we first met i was dealing with some old regrets you were seeing some other guys never gave much thought at all getting jobs paying debts family portraits on the wall but here we go university seems so long ago i swear i never learned a thing but hope like hell our kids can go i could have told you so
Verse → G // C// D (Db) D (Db is first verse only) I'm picking at the starbucks. Coffee must taste like shit. even those who drink it here. take it in a paper cup but I've got a china mug with some green tea everyone's so different from me. CHORUS → C G / D D7 /G G7 /C G /C G D (D7 → G) I've got no place to go, no place to go i'd like to rest my head or i'd like to play a show if I could hit the road i surely would but I've got no place to go So don't go making me feel small Sit out on the sidewalk draw my name with kids' chalk meet some poor folks on every other block they want spare change I want small talk swith the subject stick out like a sore thumb everywhere I go CHORUS HOLD D7. These city streets can be so kind so cruel when CHORUS
Scattered seeds, on the ground the wind blows, they move around some take root, some take flight they all bring new life scattered seeds, in the earth the rain falls, we find the waters worth some wash out, some sink deep they all bring new life scattered seeds, its hard to know til the sunshines, n they begin to grow some bear fruit, or flowers rare they all bring new life Scattered seeds, on the ground the wind blows, they move around some take root, some take flight they all bring new life chords G Am G Am Am C Am F G C
Won’t you call me If you’re broke down Or busted flat On the road to nowhere I’ve been there If you’re lonely Or you’re lost I will find you I’ve been there I don’t know where you’re going I don’t know how to get there But if you’re hurting You can share I’ve been there When the doors Close in your face Won’t you call me I’ve been there It gets hard When your pocket start to empty When no one spares you change for a song I’ve been there Chorus When you feel you’re at the end of your rope Think you’ve got one last prayer Well pray for hope The world will kick you down and try and keep you there But good people around do love and care So won’t you call me When you’re passing by I carry burdens And try to wear a smile I’ve been there I’ve been there Chorus
Now I know I’m not a winner, and I’ll probably never be but I don’t wanna spend my whole life, in urban poverty So I’ll stand in the welfare line, and I’ll eat in the soup kitchen and if I never find a job, guess I’ll have to live creatively If i wanna see, the most beautiful art and I’ll shake that artists hand and ask em how he got his start and its’ Mr. Picasso. what does it mean is the beauty that its simple or to complex to see for me I will master this craft or I will starve and I’ll never taste the sweetest wines and say how grape they are I’ll find a canvas and never put my brushes down and I’ll pay that gallery their expensive competition fee and everyone will see the most beautiful art and they’ll shake my artist hand and ask at how much do they start and its Mr. Picasso what does it mean is the beauty that its simple or to complex to see for me then I’ll pass a child who draws chalk on the side walk and never puts a hat out says all art should be free and I’ll meet a hippie singer with torn jeans and broke guitar and he’ll say pay what you can i don’t wanna starve and try and see the most beautiful art was made by starving artist hands who never waited for a break to start
Tonight I sing for the drunks at a drop dead lose your head dive of a bar They pay me 14 dollars in glasses of beer but I feel like a star When they know all the words to haggard and cash and when I play hank williams they slap me on the back Say when I was your age I was on a hockey team we’d drink in the dressing room then go downtown watch the girls dance for half a dollar beer was 5 cents so we’d stay for hours I Still drink, but it doesn’t feel great and I can’t skate like I used to I finish my glass and go on back to the microphone I pick up my guitar and play ring of fire so they don’t feel alone. If they stayed at home this pub would be empty and I’d be out of work Tomorrow I play for the yuppies uptown when I play Seeger they all frown Guess there’s no room for freedom songs in this priveleged part of town But I don’t know top 40, unless you’re over 50. thank god everyone loves Lennon and Mccartney Cause tonight I sing for the drunks at the rich end, non-sense, ritz of a bar they paid me 200 dollars in glass of wine and I’ve only had one so far they won’t sing along so I pretend to play some jazz and they all nod and look relaxed
Bluebird 02:49
Bluebird won’t you come by my window Bluebird won’t you come by my window Bluebird won’t you teach me to fly Bluebird I will try Bluebird don’t be blue Bluebird don’t be blue Bluebird don’t you cry Bluebird my oh my Its you I fancy, for romancing its you I protest, give my love a chance Bluebird haven’t you heard Bluebird haven’t you heard Bluebird we can sing your blues away Its you I fancy, for romancing its you I protest, give my love a chance Oh Stay Bluejay Oh stay Bluejay
Speaks to me 01:55
Scribble in the margins of the page a beautiful woman names I hardly know her face never heard her story she speaks to me I hear her say don't you wish the sun would shine today would help a lot of broken people be on their way what gets you out of bed when skies are grey the rhythm in her words fall like rain smile washes over me the same her poetry escapes a beauty to behold speaks to me I hear her say don't you ever laugh like your a child hula-hoop hold hands if only for a while. til the worlds a little brighter share some smiles her imagery imagines love with rage she colours the unspoken with no name she paints a picture i study her ways speak to her on sunday
When I find a wishing well I’ll throw away all of my money and hope for steady pay cheque or a few less bills to pay I’ll close my eyes and pray to god to do away with all of the banks and finally reveal true wealth to all as something you could never save and spend, your life spend your whole life living out love for the poor riches and fame i have not just like my name they’ll all be forgot with the last amen a broken song hallelujah the weight of my debts burdens my soul like a deadly sin i’ve lost control with tears in my eyes at the royal mint i wait on the bench but i don’t go in
Every story has at least two sides so you can't just flip a coin when you decide who lives, who dies Justice oh justice. where have you gone? you're judges and police can't be counted so how about you and I just draw straws the shortest one walks, the longest one crawls from the law Justice oh justice, where have you gone? have you forgotten to teach me right from wrong? I was born a poor child I grew up fast and wished I could afford The dreams of my parents. How they worked so hard. to feed my mouth try to grow my mind so I learned everything a boy ought know. and I went places, good men ought not go so curious, I questioned. Justice oh justice, where have you been. there's death on the streets. whose bloods on your hands I risked it all just to raise my voice to grab some attention make some noise I cried injustice dissent was mine I got beat down. I crossed the line the police brought me in to draw straws with the judge. but he cried guilty wouldn't hear me plead for what I done Justice oh justice, now I know your game when people start to question, you build a bigger cage Injustice, Injustice, silence is your game I tossed you a nickel, wheres my head. whats my name
Save the Arts, Cut the War by Richard Garvey (Oct. 2008) D A Bm G Each child paints With creative innocence This unjust loss When we send them out to fight Until nobody finger paints, anymore AD Save the arts, cut the war Save the arts, cut the war Each child sings Joyful songs Until we silence them Forget those melodies No more harmonies, anymore Save the arts, cut the war Save the arts, cut the war Each child dances Freely moving Until we sit them down “Operate like machinery” Til nobody dances anymore CD, CD Bm G Let the children dream Spare a life Create a masterpiece Go to the ballet Or the symphony Save the arts, cut the war Save the arts, cut the war Save the arts, cut the war Save the arts, cut the war


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To Create track listing

When We First Met
Don’t Go Making Me Feel Small
Scattered Seeds
I’ve Been There (feat. Amy Carson Hunter)
Starving Artist
Tonight I Sing (for the drunks)
Speaks To Me
The Royal Mint
Justice Games
Prelude/Save The Arts, Cut The War/Folklore

Richard Garvey - Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo (11)

Musicians I am so thankful for;

Alison Feuerwerker - Violin (11)
Amy Carson Hunter - Voice (4)
Brad Levia and Julia Narveson - Voice (2)
Dan Belgue - Banjo (2, 3 & 5)
Uncle Dan Henshall - Mandolin
Dave Houde - Electric guitar loop, Brushes on suitcase (3)
Dave Rozell Soehner - Dobro
Ryan McTavish - Drums (2 & 6), Brushes on a box (1), Shaker (3)
Janice Lee - Voice (1 & 2)
Jason Jurchuk - Suitcase (1)
Jeremy Bernard - Drums (7)
Josef Bell - Double Bass
Matt Donnelly - Clarinet
Megan McCaffrey - Fiddle (3), Voice (2)
Laura Ashfield - Voice (1, 2, 3 & 5)
Laura McGuire - Piano
Turlough Myers - Bodhrán

“Save the Arts Choir”
Alison Feuerwerker
Angela Shea Myers
Ashley Idle
Brad Levia
Ciarán Myers
Julia Narveson
Kevin Smith
Michelle Horel
Patrick Plein


released September 12, 2012

Recorded at The Sound Distillery in Downtown Kitchener, ON, 2012
Produced by Richard Garvey with Dave Houde
Engineered by William Muir
Mixed by Dave Houde and William Muir
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering

Album Photo and Art by Polly Edwards


all rights reserved



Richard Garvey

Richard Garvey is guitar-strumming, banjo-plucking, and sing-along-starting performer and community organizer.

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