Where Fools Gather

by Richard Garvey

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Where Fools Gather is Richard's 2nd full-length studio album (9th release inluding DIY short-runs)


released June 1, 2015

Richard Garvey – Voice, guitar, ukulele, banjo
Julia Narveson – Bass, Fiddle, Cello
Buck Thompson – percussion, organ, voice
Dan Henshall – Mandolin
Dave Soehner – Guitar (track 13)
Laura Dyck – Violin
Rachel Bruch – Violin, Voice
Eric Johnson-Scherger – Viola
Kate Romain – Accordion
Richard Driedger – Clarinet
Dan Belgue – Banjo (The Harvest)
Josef Bell – Bass (The Harvest)
Jess Spencer – Trumpet
Celidh Barker – Voice
Laura Ashfield – Voice
Marina Marina – Voice
Bill Howard - Voice
Shaela Creshion – Artwork
All songs by Richard Garvey*
*Track 13 is a collaborative composition with Dave Soehner
*Julia Narveson arranged strings for Abigail & All My Life
Produced by The Duke of Erb Recording Studio and Richard Garvey
Mixing/Engineering by Buck Thompson & Bill Howard @ Duke of Erb Recording Studios.
Mastering by Russell Jennison of The Short Films www.theshortfilms.com
I could not have made this album without the support of The Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.
Thanks to Luke Michielsen and www.stonebridgeguitars.com
Thanks to Tim Dresser for technical support.
Thank you! To everyone who pre-ordered the album!


all rights reserved



Richard Garvey Kitchener, Ontario

Richard Garvey is guitar-strumming, banjo-plucking, and sing-along-starting performer and community organizer from Kitchener.

All of my songs/albums are available by donation. Thanks for enjoying the tunes. I also use patreon to earn my living so check that out!
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Track Name: Where fools gather
I’d like to go where the fools gather
and share their laughter and song
and they’d welcome me with arms wide open
we’re sure hoping you’ll call this home
with all I fear to leave behind
there is so much more I’m sure to find
I’m hoping for love
I’m hoping for love
So let’s start a fire and sit around it
strike a chord sing like a choir
and our song will spread into our hearts into our heads
and through our friends like wildfire
when we share all we fear to speak out loud
the dark will break and the light will shine on down
I’m hoping for love
I’m hoping for love

I’ve got lost out in the desert
cried out in the wilderness for everything to change
now I find I’m free in friendship
forgiveness is a two way road you turn around on
to walk your path to healing you must suffer
I will walk your distance but I can’t take you there
I’m hoping for love
I’m hoping for love
I’d like to go where the fools gather
and share their laughter and song


C F C F G x2
Am F C G x2
F C G x2
Track Name: Run the river
Love take off your summers dress
run the river with me
I’ve been the fool
I’ve been the saint
Still it’s you I’d like to see

Let the river wash that dirt away
carry it down stream
I’ve been the sinner
I’ll always be
longing to be free

I’ve tied the rope from the roof
and stood upon the chair
I felt ashamed
I felt alone
I don’t want to go back there

The voice of God spoke to me
but how can I be sure
get off your knees
walk with me
don’t pray so insecure

The rivers warmer than the wind
so let’s wade into our waist
will share some words
share some love
naked face to face
Track Name: I know a forest
I know a forest
a whole chorus
of trees
they might sing for us
would you ever go
with me
The river wide and deep
the mountain high and steep
in the spaces in between
who we are and who
we could be

we can’t wait forever
the trees might fall asleep
turn grey
we can not rush the river
to wash that mountain
all away
Track Name: California
I’ll wish my life away
til it fits in this old suitcase
you can have everything I’ve had
if you won’t let it go to waste

she carried a heavy heart here
with a pack on her back
and a prayer for grace
not sure what to hope for
tired of being told she’s running away

California, you can hold my hand
California, I won’t hold you down
She smiles saying any given moment
there’s a car moving anywhere you can dream
with a free tank of gas and an empty seat
and a driver I guess you’ll be needing to meet

Solitude can be easy
its coming out from the wilderness drives you mad
and there’s a fine line she’s learned to walk
between an open mind and knowing when to talk

California, you can hold my hand
California, I won’t hold you down
So get off the road
you swears been good to you
get off your feet
and rest a while with me

Tomorrow’s winds might change
old travelling path might call your name
the more we share
the harder it is to up and walk away

California, you can hold my hand
California, I won’t hold you down
So when you head, head west
hitch south, run all the way home
I’ll wish my life away
til it fits in this old suitcase
Track Name: I will meet you where you are
When your feet are tired
from a long day dear
I will meet you where you are
if your heart gets heavy
because it holds a lot
I will meet you where you are
Long days will come and go
long nights will be all we know
we are all made
to be loved and known
but we all long to be seen
and let show
When your eyes meet mine
I won't miss a blink
I will meet you where you are
when your tears fall
I won't turn away
I will meet you where you are
So don't hide your face
when you speak to me
oh I believe you
want to hear what you need
when darkness comes
to take you there
I will meet you where you are
I will meet you where you are
And the suns gonna shine
down on your face
I will meet you where you are
And the rainbows will dance
all across your skies
I will meet you where you are
Track Name: Abigail
When the accordion cried lost love getting older
you smiled at me, over your shoulder
if you lead Abigail I’d follow

I might have asked you to dance to that old broken waltz
but I knew it would end exposing my faults
if you lead Abigail I’d follow
Won’t you climb this hill they call a mountain
will carve a path to call our own
if you lead Abigail I’d follow

but your off to class I’m off to the forest
friendship has found us it’d be hard to ignore it
if you lead Abigail I’d follow

So he empties the bellows he finishes the tune
with an a cappella chorus we applaud and we swoon
if you lead Abigail I’d follow
Track Name: Wagon wheel
You rolled into my life on a wagon wheel
wiped the dust from my face, the tears from eyes
told me everything i needed to hear
for to crack a smile
and quit my wandering ways for a while
take my hand, slow life down
will share like it’s a miracle
turn it all around
take my hand slow life down
will ride into the wilderness
and leave this town

The next time that you saw me
I was tied up on the tracks
myself perception bound myself
but that train never came back
so you held me like a dandelion ready for to seed
drew a deep breath exhale and you and I become the weed
that children adore and smear upon their face

Weave me into your life
like a basket on a bike
dandelion braid in your hair
with intention play and care
our wagon wheel wont rust
will give love practice trust
never be tied down
because you and I
we’re bound to fly
Track Name: The harvest
Like the sun, the sun rise
I’m heading, heading west
like the wind the cold north wind
I may never find my rest

But my home is waiting
my home is calling
my home is ancient
westward mountains

Like the work the workers day
The fruits of my labour are never my wage
like the pain the workers pain
I may never go away

But my home is waiting
my home is calling
my home is ancient
fields of wheat
for the harvest

The harvest is plenty
the harvest is plenty
but the workers are nowhere in sight

So like the war, the war we’re waging
I am bloody, I’m a sacrifice
like the hatred, the hatred that’s winning
I don’t know how to live my life

My home is waiting
my home is calling
my home is sacred
like a tree
standing so tall
Track Name: Right or wrong
What have I become
I wanna be a lover and a fighter
but I can’t undo
what I’ve done
right or wrong it’s been done
There’s an emptiness
we’ve been trying just to fill
we’re full of bullet holes
like the people we pay to kill

There’s a weight
that holds the paper down
with a dotted line for us to sign
when the children aren’t around

There’s a place
for each of us to go to work
earn what they call home
jail for those who fall behind

There’s a dial we could turn
a cord we could unplug
that might leave us in the dark
with just the ones we love

There’s a fear
that’s been planted just to grow
something out of nothing
into a war we made to show
There’s a light
that’s been locked up with the truth
they’ve been hidden and silence
tortured and confused
There’s a question
we’ve been asking in our minds
I think it’s time to speak it out
no more trembling voices no more rhyme
Track Name: Speaks to me (part two)
Friend, you have known me well
you have watched my heart break
with the same eyes you have made it swell
oh, friend you have loved me well

So I trust you
like I fear the ocean
might swallow me whole
I don’t want to get lost in you
like friends that become lovers like to do

So I will walk this shore
and hope our waters warm
slowly let myself want you

I will wade into my waist
with the sound of your voice
resounding my name
you’ll speak to me and I’ll hear just what you say
When you call me
into your bed
with a smile on your face
your hush on my lips
this doesn’t change anything

You dream
on your back
let my rhythms wash you away
til colours flood your skies once grey
Track Name: I deserve it
I’ve got no place to go
nowhere to rest my head
and have a good cry when that’s what I’ve needed
so I’ve been hiding in the corner
with the words I left unsaid
I will bury them with my good intentions
offend my lovers til they slap my face to red

I deserve it
Oh I do
I’m not perfect
but I’m worth it
like you
I think that I could love you
I know that I would like to
my friend I have been hurting
but I’m healing somehow
I’ve been hiding to forget what I could not
forgive myself til now

Now the truth can hurt
or burn like a fire
when you hold it
or try to hide it
so I’ve spoken fears to friends that shine like lights
they’ve all held my hands helped me fight my fights
but I’ve resisted oh I’ve run from open arms
but I find them like a circle now seems I can’t get too far
Track Name: Reverie
Track Name: All my life
The sky in your eyes
the forest in your heart
I’ve been longing for that wilderness
since we’ve been apart
all my life
all my life

You caught the world with a smile
let it go with a tear
all the people sang of love
and suddenly spring was here
all my life
all my life

You held my hand a while
then said you’d have to go
I spoke to you my worries
you hushed my lips said I know
all my life
all my life

How long has my soul
wanted just for yours
they speak like the river
to the mountains they’ve adored
all my life
all my life

The sky in your eyes
the forest in your heart
I’ve been longing for that wilderness
since we’ve been apart

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