You can't just assume everyone wants to have sex with you by Richard Garvey

by Richard Garvey

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3rd full length studio album by Richard Garvey.

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released April 1, 2019



Richard Garvey - Voice, Guitar
Minnie Heart - Bass
Bill Howard - Drums, Electric Guitar
Keenan Reimer Watts - Piano, Rhodes, Voice
JoJo Worthington - Voice
Laura Sones - Voice
Chante Jones - Trumpet
Kim Regimbal - Clarinet, Saxophones
Jack Cooper - Baritone
Group vocals - Elisabeth, Steve, Juniper, Suzanne, Alison, Silas, Richard, Aly, Leah, Taylor, Allie, Francesca, Sam, Julia, Dave, Madison, Laura, Dan & more

Dave Pike - Recording Engineer / Editing
Richard Garvey - Producer
William Crann - Mixing/Editing (Ponderosa Sound Recording co)
Dylan King - Mastering (Northaura Studios)

Shaela Kinting - Artwork
All songs by Richard Garvey

Thank you

Dave Pike for being super patient and capturing all the sounds!
Shaela Kinting for taking my rough ideas and making something fantastic.

The Ever-Lovin Jug Band for their amazing versatile talents.
Chante, Kim & Jack for tooting your horns.
Jojo the ultimate harmonizer. Keenan for tackling & tickling the keys.
Steve Mock, Brian Otto, Alison Feuerwerker, Jon Farmer, Alison Corbett, Allison Brown, Dan Henshall, Dan Belgue, Brockenshire Lemiski, Bashu Naimi Roy, Anthony Damiao, Megan McCaffrey, Josef Bell, Evan Ossington, Kaleb Hikele, The Belle Miners, Travis Latam, Jenn Lyon, Sarah Pearson, Sean Campbell, Alex Szaflarska, Polly Edwards, Nathan Vexler

Thanks to Together We’re Bitter brewery, Neruda Arts, Hold the Line crew, Artswells Festival. Thanks to Isabel Cisterna & Janice Jo Lee.
Thank you to my Patreon supporters.

So many people have helped me over the years.
Thanks to everyone who hosts me for a concert, lets me sleep on their couch, comes to a show, buys an album, & sings-along. Thank you to music


all rights reserved



Richard Garvey Kitchener, Ontario

Richard Garvey is guitar-strumming, banjo-plucking, and sing-along-starting performer and community organizer from Kitchener.

All of my songs/albums are available by donation. Thanks for enjoying the tunes. I also use patreon to earn my living so check that out!
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Track Name: You can't just assume everyone wants to have sex with you
I’m a clumsy lover
I make a lot of mistakes
Not just in the bedroom
But all along the way
Because you can’t just assume
Everyone wants to have sex with you
But if it makes you feel better
You can day dream
But don’t slip too far from reality

Because it’s true
Sad but true
Not everyone you find attractive
Will be attracted to you
And it's truer
Somehow more true
If you’re an asshole who doesn’t
respect people’s boundaries

Because you can’t just assume
Everyone wants to have sex with you
But if it makes you feel better
You can masturbate
Become a better person
Invite someone else to play.

Yahoo with your yahoo

V1: C / F / G / C /
CH: C / G / Am / F / G // C //
V2 : C / F / G / C / X2
CH: C / G / Am / F / G // C //
Track Name: Penny Lane
Penny Lane

Penny lane
Don’t be shy
Take me home with you
Show me your rock collection
Lysergic acid
You’re not even 25
But you still get me high
Teach me how to fly

Don’t let me go
Go alone
Go this alone

As we come up
You let me feel
Your heart beating in your chest
Its racing but you say you’re fine
For some reasons
Were still alive
There is meaning in the pictures
And colours of your mind


Instrumental / Bridge

And all the streetlights stream into one
Psychedelic rainbow of love for everyone
Goddess spins a hula hoop around her waist
We’re back in outer space
Like when we made love


There’s a dark place
In all of us
That we must face
When our fears subside
But Penny lane you’re all joy and light
Singing through the night

Chorus X 2

Eb Bb Ab Eb X 2
Eb Bb Ab Eb

Eb Ab Eb Bb
Cm Gm Bb X 2
Track Name: Blue Skies
Good morning blue skies
The rainbows un-tied
My heart strings unravel
With your eyes
Am I seeing double
No I’m having no trouble
Giving into this
Letting go with it
The sound of your voice
The warmth of your kiss
All my life
How could I but love you

Hula-hoop in the hall
Sundress on the floor
I think I’ll stay here a while
Make the home I’ve been longing for
I’m trying to open my eyes
And focus through
Tears I have been crying
Hiding from you
What kind of man
Doesn’t know where he stands
Til he’s fallen
How could I but love you

Bb Bb/Dm Eb F X 2 [x4]
Cm C F F7
Eb Dm Eb F Bb
Track Name: I was a lover
I was a lover
So patient and kind
I was a lover
So faithful and blind
Desperate to live
Anxious to die
I felt alone
I felt the dark
I felt the world being torn apart
Like poetry ripped from the page into the fire

Unheard, Unheard, Soft spoken

I bought the truth
I bought the lie
I bought the mystery into my life
I held the sign like a warrior that time
I heard the footsteps
I heard the sirens
I heard the trump resound in key and in time
With no one left standing to hold the front line

Unheard, Unheard, Soft spoken

Resistance to silence, movement to stand still
Some fight to win but some fight to kill
Open palm or clenched fist
Not everyone can choose
What justice might look like
Or know how it feels to lose

So I drank myself empty
I drank myself dry
I drank myself til I almost went blind
Show me the proof there’s a reason to try
I’ve held the bible, I’ve held my tongue
I’ve held a blade, regretting what I’ve done
No one stood near me
No father no son

Unheard, Unheard, Soft spoken

Wickeder souls, than mine have been saved
Younger men have gone to the grave
Love don’t surrender
Where hatred betrays
Blood on the welcome mat
Home of the brave

CHORDS // capo 3

Gm Am x 3
C Bb Am

Gm Am x3

Dm Gm
C F Am
Dm Gm
C Bb Am
Track Name: I guess I ain't going nowhere
I’ve got a closet full of clothes
A suitcase full of holes.
Guess I ain’t going nowhere
There’s a monkey on my back
Where I used to wear my pack
Guess I ain’t going nowhere

This may be a blessing in disguise
This may be the day I lose my mind
Open up my mind

I’ve got a pocket full of cash
But I got to pay it back
Guess I ain’t going nowhere
I got a ticket for a plane
But they mis-spelled my name
Guess I ain’t going nowhere

This may be the day I lose my mind
This may be the truth I finally find
Open up my mind

When conditions are adverse
They might just get worse
Every little thing you do
Someone’s got their eye on your
Your bank account
Your fingertips
Your smartphone
Your breath mints
There’s nothing you can do

I’ve got a trunk full of drugs
I stole from some kids
Guess I ain’t going nowhere
Are these the psychedelic sort
I feel it coming on
Guess I ain’t going nowhere

This may be the truth I finally find
Let, let it be the day I finally fly
Open up my mind

Verse: Bb Dm Gm F X 2
Chorus : Eb F Bb Gm
Eb F Bb C F F7
Bridge : Gm Dm F Gb G Ab Bb Bbm F F7
Track Name: Firecracker
Met a firecracker, real sassafrass
Said come around the corner
baby try my grass
Said no I won’t go
Gotta get back home.
Hot lover in my bed, hot supper on
the stove.

But I hope, hope you know
I can sense your heart of stone.
Don’t don’t you dare
Freeze me to the bone
With that stare.

She coaxed me in with cocaine and apple pie
Said Damiao you can’t get straight if you don’t get high.
There’s a coward in my head with no sex appeal.
Won’t show you any skin. Just tells ya how he feels.


Babe don’t be a loser
Just be my lover
I’ll treat you real good
Just don’t blow my cover.
Said no I got another.
She’s a real fine doll.
I wrap her up in cellophane
And waltz her down the hall


Verse: Dm A7 X 8
Chorus : Bb A7 X4
Track Name: Art Like War
Give me time like medicine
Art like war
I had patience but it’s ending
I’ve have hungered for no more
Death on the streets
Hatred on the walls

Give me mercy in the breadline
Take my justice in the courts
Mock it in your headlines
Watch it like a sport
Death on the streets
Hatred on the walls

Show me how to make a living
Can you be an honest man
With a foot in the door
Of an industry so rotten
Self-serving to the core
Blood on your hands
Smile on your face

There’s no audience for your insanity
That’s what makes a star shine bright
Never ever burn out
Night after night
Blood on your hands
Smile on your face

Bless me like a father
That never wanted his child to grow
Be silent when we want answers
Become violent when you lose control
Whiskey on your breath
Gas in the tank

Make your hands into fists
And tell me I am strong enough to fight you back
Hold me in your arms
Let me go like a regret
Whiskey on your breath
Gas in the tank

Capo 3
Dm Am C Em X2
Dm Am X2
Track Name: Finding Truth
I think I need a little time
To collect my thoughts
Been running hard
Against the wind
To leave behind where I am not

Finding truth, finding truth

All these songs, all my life
Nothing else that I could do
Turn the process
Into a product
The industry won’t dance with you

Finding truth, finding truth

Maybe you ought
Take that sign down
That says your for sale
Til you ready
To pack it up
And be sure that you won’t fail

I’m feeling tired
Of writing songs
That I can sing into a paper cup
You take the wire
And hold it up
To you ears and let it be enough

Finding truth, finding truth


Eb Fm Bb Eb X 2

Fm Eb Abminor Bb

Fm Bb Eb Gm Cm X 2
Track Name: Plastic Lover
Plastic lover
Disposable cup
Tinder swipe
One more easy fuck.
And I’ll become

A poly sex freak
Healing circle
Jerk off bliss
And I’ll become.

Ok cupid.
Don’t be stupid
Show me a dick pic
The size of your wallet
And I’ll be become

Your best friends lover
Deep throat communicator
Open mouth kiss
Empty your relationshit.
And I’ll become


C Bb x 4
A Bb
Track Name: Take care of yourself well lover / friend
There’s a flaw in every lover
There’s a squeak in every bed
There’s a mystery unravelling
In all the words we left unsaid
So my lovers all wear blindfolds
And my neighbours all wear ear plugs
Its the perfect day my dear
To screw the week away in bed.

So take care of yourself well lover
Take care of yourself well friend
Take care of yourself well lover
Take care of yourself well friend

There’s a whore on every corner
There’s a drunk on every bench
Welcome to downtown Kitchener
Even I used to be able to afford the rent
But the condo’s are almost finished
And the yuppies are moving in
There’s a new arts festival every weekend.
But they tell me they’re not hiring


There’s a fine line
Knowing yourself
And being full of yourself
There’s a finer line
Knowing your shit
And being full of shit.

I could not imagine
A world without you.

Bb F Eb F

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