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The Neighbour Song

from To Grow by Richard Garvey



The Neighbour Song

I moved into this city reluctantly, I feel
Trapped in this apartment like an animal in an overpopulated shelter
My neighbours are just like me
Their locked in above, below and all around me
So we never get to meet

Well occasionally, on the street, in the parking lot, or the hallway
The elevators my favourite,
Which floor, seven, I’m Richard, unit 23,
Won’t you come and visit me

You might see me
Standing at the top of the stairs
Screaming at my neightbours
I love you, oh I love you
But I don’t know how
I love you, oh I love you
Show me how
Open up your door
Let me in
Or come on out
Where we can begin

Classic example, old man in the foyer
I’m acting like a hippie being really friendly again
He asks me, condescendingly
Where are you going?
Where do you see yourself in five years, son?
I am where I am, I’m where I’d like to be
If you’re here too, spend sometime and teach me a thing or two. Sir.

Another example, attractive young woman in my hallway, mmm.hmmm.mmm
I say hi, as she passes by, and she ignores me, so I ask her her name
She turns to me, accusationally
Who do you think you are, and why are you talking to me
I am who I am I’m who I’d like to be
Question where your expectations come from
And sweet heart you could have a conversation with me

To see eye to eye, discover less is more
Poverty should make your heart not your eyes sore
Sorry I’m saying this, but there’s a lot left to be desired here.
And don’t even started talking about the suburbs.

Chorus, verse one.


from To Grow, track released July 29, 2011


all rights reserved



Richard Garvey

Richard Garvey is guitar-strumming, banjo-plucking, and sing-along-starting performer and community organizer.

All of my songs/albums are available by donation. Thanks for enjoying the tunes. I also use patreon to earn my living so check that out!
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