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There’s a flaw in every lover
There’s a squeak in every bed
There’s a mystery unravelling
In all the words we left unsaid
So my lovers all wear blindfolds
And my neighbours all wear ear plugs
Its the perfect day my dear
To screw the week away in bed.

So take care of yourself well lover
Take care of yourself well friend
Take care of yourself well lover
Take care of yourself well friend

There’s a whore on every corner
There’s a drunk on every bench
Welcome to downtown Kitchener
Even I used to be able to afford the rent
But the condo’s are almost finished
And the yuppies are moving in
There’s a new arts festival every weekend.
But they tell me they’re not hiring


There’s a fine line
Knowing yourself
And being full of yourself
There’s a finer line
Knowing your shit
And being full of shit.

I could not imagine
A world without you.

Bb F Eb F



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Richard Garvey

Richard Garvey is guitar-strumming, banjo-plucking, and sing-along-starting performer and community organizer.

All of my songs/albums are available by donation. Thanks for enjoying the tunes. I also use patreon to earn my living so check that out!
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