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from To Grow by Richard Garvey



The grass is so green
and ancient wisdom we cut down
been growing green forever

If I could be a blade of grass
I'd stand up straight every time
they cut me down

the trees are so strong
branches reaching out
the friendliest of friends stand together

If I could be a tree
in a forest with roots deep
I'd give my shade for free
and tiny woodland animals a place to sleep

but I am less than a tree
but not much more than a blade of grass.
because sometimes I let people
walk all over me

the workers are tired
an aging engine can break down
you can't get ahead on overtime forever

If I was the whole working class
I'd walk straight out and not look back
depend on the nature growing through the cracks
and sell all of my things

mother natures worried
oh the blissful path we've taken
can't plead your ignorance forever

Mother nature spoke to me
said leave behind man's mediocrity
ignore consumer hypocrisy
and come on home to mama

because you are more than a worker
so much more than a consumer
so don't let people
walk all over you

Let me plant you in my soil
you have roots to grow
before you can bare your fruit
or share the beauty of your spring blooms
so let me plant you in my soil

and you'll be just like a blade of grass
stand up straight and grow back up
every time they cut you down
and you'll be just like a tree
in a forest with roots deep
branches reaching out
so humanly

and you'll have so much love
and more will come back
and so you will free


from To Grow, track released July 27, 2011
Richard Garvey - Voice, Guitar
Jeremy Bernard - Engineer, Mix, Master


all rights reserved



Richard Garvey

Richard Garvey is guitar-strumming, banjo-plucking, and sing-along-starting performer and community organizer.

All of my songs/albums are available by donation. Thanks for enjoying the tunes. I also use patreon to earn my living so check that out!
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