Art Like War

by Richard Garvey

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4 acoustic tracks from 2 upcoming albums.
Raw / live off the floor.

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released January 2, 2018

Songs, performance and recording by Richard Garvey.

Art work by Shaela Kinting


all rights reserved



Richard Garvey Kitchener, Ontario

Richard Garvey is guitar-strumming, banjo-plucking, and sing-along-starting performer and community organizer from Kitchener.

All of my songs/albums are available by donation. Thanks for enjoying the tunes. I also use patreon to earn my living so check that out!
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Track Name: Art like war
Give me time like medicine
Art like war
I had patience but it’ ending
I’ve have hungered for no more
Death on the streets
Hatred on the walls

Give me mercy in the breadline
Take my justice in the courts
Mock it in your headlines
Watch it like a sport
Death on the streets
Hatred on the walls

Show me how to make a living
Can you be an honest man
With a foot in the door
Of an industry so rotten
Self-serving to the core
Blood on your hands
Smile on your face

There’s no audience for your insanity
That’s what makes a star shine bright
Never ever burn out
Night after night
Blood on your hands
Smile on your face

Bless me like a father
That never wanted his child to grow
Be silent when we want answers
Become violent when you lose control
Whiskey on your breath
Gas in the tank

Make your hands into fists
And tell me I am strong enough to fight you back
Hold me in your arms
Let me go like a regret
Whiskey on your breath
Gas in the tank

Capo 3
Dm Am C Em X2
Dm Am X2
Track Name: I was a lover
I was a lover
So patient and kind
I was a lover
So faithful and blind
Desperate to live
Anxious to die
I felt alone
I felt the dark
I felt the world being torn apart
Like poetry ripped from the page into the fire

Unheard, Unheard, Soft spoken

I bought the truth
I bought the lie
I bought the mystery into my life
I held the sign like a warrior that time
I heard the footsteps
I heard the sirens
I heard the trump resound in key and in time
With no one left standing to hold the front line

Unheard, Unheard, Soft spoken

Resistance to silence, movement to stand still
Some fight to win but some fight to kill
Open palm or clenched fist
Not everyone can choose
What justice might look like
Or know how it feels to lose

So I drank myself empty
I drank myself dry
I drank myself til I almost went blind
Show me the proof there’s a reason to try
I’ve held the bible, I’ve held my tongue
I’ve held a blade, regretting what I’ve done
No one stood near me
No father no son

Unheard, Unheard, Soft spoken

Wickeder souls, than mine have been saved
Younger men have gone to the grave
Love don’t surrender
Where hatred betrays
Blood on the welcome mat
Home of the brave
Track Name: I was a fighter
I was a fighter.
But I think I've lost.
Sight of whats right and good
Now I'm feeling the cost
Of closing my eyes
And shrugging it off
Oh I feel so lost.

Under the surface
I'm barely breathing.
Will I drown in this shell of a man you believe in
Shame up to my neck
Hell on my mind
Oh what have I done

Say you'll forget me
after I'm gone.
Say you'll forgive
All I've got wrong
Tell me our love
Was un-true all along
Oh forget me I'm gone

I'll never call you
never curse your name
never walk these streets where we became
stars of the nights sky we darkened the flame
Oh I'll never curse your name

I was a fighter.
But I think I've lost.
Sight of whats right and good
Now I'm feeling the cost
Of closing my eyes
And shrugging it off
Oh I feel so lost.
Track Name: The arms of lovers and friends
I was afraid
I might never get through
That you had become some sort of bullet proof
But I chose you anyway
Loved you just the same
I cared for what I'd lost
but never mind the cost
in the arms of lovers and friends.

I felt alone
in the place I call home
when I long for more you met me
angry in the dark
we sang our joy into light
you held me near
whispered you belong
in the arms of lovers and friends.

why are we running
we're not in the line of fire
if love is where we've been hurt
where are we to turn

if trust is a tree we'd like to grow
you might risk breaking the ground for it to sow
they'll be a forest I am sure
where we are seen and heard.
I've laughed and I've cried
I will live and I will die
in the arms of lovers and friends.

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